1,186,039 Lives

As we gear up for the March for Life tomorrow, I can’t help but find myself reflecting on past years at the march, past years protesting at abortion clinics, past years sharing my witness within the pro-life movement.

When I was young, my parents started bringing me to pray at a local abortion clinic. Even at a young age, I knew that the pro-life issue was important; the issue seemed clear to me, as it continues to be to this day: every life begins at conception, and deserves to be protected.

The March for Life is always bittersweet for me. While I’m always excited to stand for life with thousands of people from across the country in our nation’s capital, it also weighs on me that we are marching, for another year, against an unconstitutional law that continues to wreak havoc on my generation.

In 1997, the year I was born, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported that 1,186,039 legal abortions occurred. That’s a big number. Almost 1.2 million people who would have been my age are not alive today, because they were killed before they were even given the chance to live. By the way, the CDC, a federal agency, files annual abortion numbers under the Morbidity and Mortality Report section of their Records… is there a clearer way of stating that abortion ends lives? I fail to see one.

As a twenty-one year old about to graduate from college and start my career, I am so excited about the adventure I’m about to embark on. But I’m also heartbroken that over a million people who could have been my co-workers, friends, and peers, aren’t able to share in my time of anticipation and joy.

Though my heart breaks at the thought of all those lost lives, I have hope going into this year’s March for Life. I have hope because I truly believe that there hasn’t been a time in recent history where the answer to the life issue is more clear. In the past year, I’ve had the opportunity to work alongside some of the most genuine, passionate, and sound-minded people working for the pro-life cause. I’ve had the privilege to travel to seven different states, meeting pro-life people who will not back down until abortion is once again illegal in our nation. And what’s more, I truly believe that we are just around the corner from that becoming a reality.

I was numbered among many pro-lifers to hear a speech from “the most fearlessly pro-life president ever” who said, “every life is sacred…and every life is totally worth protecting.” I got to witness a pro-life justice be appointed to the Supreme Court. And tonight, on the eve of the March, I knelt with hundreds of my peers at Franciscan to pray for an end to abortion. For these reasons and more, there’s not a doubt in my mind that America is pro-life, and that I will see an end to legal abortion in this country in my lifetime.

So join me in remembering those 1,186,039 lives, and all lives that have been lost to abortion. Join me in supporting our president and our pro-life lawmakers who continue to fight the hard battle for life. Join me in speaking to women about how beautiful they are, how worthy they are, and how precious the lives of their children are. Join me in the pro-life movement, as we march for life together.



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